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Mum indicted for sexually abusing daughter

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Stacy Ann Spione, 41, is finally seeing justice for the abuse that she suffered at the hands of her own mother and former step-father when she was a child.

The pair are divorced.

Last December, Spione had asked a Accomack County Commonwealth attorney to press rape charges against them.

USA Today reported that on June 1, Spione's mother, Ruth Ann Johnson, 58, was found guilty of rape, indecent liberties and child endangerment for the crimes she committed in 1986.

Johnson was arrested late last month as an accessory to the sexual abuse her then-husband Khalil Mohammed Muslimani inflicted on Spione, who was a minor then.

13newsnow reported that Spione was pregnant with Muslimani's child at 11 and went on to give birth to four of his children.

Spione said that even till today, she has to receive treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder for the abuse she said started when she was just four.

Muslimani, 68, was also found guilty last month of seven counts of rape, forcible sodomy, carnal knowledge and child endangerment in incidents involving Spione and another underaged victim.

He is now in jail without bond while Johnson was released on a bond of USD$25,000 last Saturday (July 11).

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Source: USA Today and 13newsnow

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