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Murdered for hongbao money?

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An 87-year-old man who lived alone was found murdered, and the RM1,000 (S$335) hongbao money he received from his family missing.

The body of Mr Ong Chock Meng, a father of six, was found near the staircase of his rented double-storey house in Taman Sentosa, Klang, on Wednesday, The Star reported.

South Klang Assistant Commissioner Azman Abdul Razak said the iron grille at the main entrance was cut and the front sliding door was forced open.

He said a police forensic team obtained five sets of fingerprints and two sweat swabs from the scene.

Said Mr Azman: "There were abrasions on Mr Ong's face and head, but there was no blood on the body or at the scene.

"We recovered a 23cm knife and a screw driver near the deceased's feet."

Mr Ong, who was the former secretary of the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Tong An Association, had lived in the house alone for the past 16 years.

His family members visited him on the second day of Chinese New Year on Tuesday.

His son, who declined to be identified, said the killer or killers had taken more than RM1,000 as well as his father's mobile phone.

"It was the hongbao money that he had received during Chinese New Year," he said.

Mr Ong's son said his father's neighbour called him about 7am on Wednesday saying that something was not right at the house.

"The neighbour told me that the grille was open and it looked like someone had broken into the house."

Family members rushed to the house and found Mr Ong's body.

Neighbours said they last saw him at about 9pm on Tuesday when he was taking out the garbage.

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