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North Korea: Kim Jong Nam probably died of heart attack

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KUALA LUMPUR North Korea yesterday said there was a strong indication that a heart attack was behind the death of Mr Kim Jong Nam, who was killed in Kuala Lumpur on Feb 13. He was the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Mr Ri Tong Il, who is part of a high-level North Korean delegation in KL seeking the release of Mr Kim's body, told reporters that Mr Kim had a history of heart disease.

Mr Kim, who was travelling under the name Kim Chol, was at the KL International Airport to catch a flight to Macau when he was allegedly attacked with the VX nerve agent.

"...Kim Chol had a record of myocardial infarction disease. In other words, heart disease. He, from time to time, had treatment while being hospitalised," Mr Ri said.

He said that under normal conditions, Mr Kim could not travel without medication.

Citing statements by Malaysian public health officials who found medication related to conditions including heart diseases and diabetes in Mr Kim's belongings, he said Malaysian authorities came to conclude that he was not in a position to travel without medication.

"Therefore this is strong indication that the cause of death is a heart attack," he said.


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