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Passenger steps up to help land plane after pilot falls ill mid-flight

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​After a Jet Airways pilot fell ill during a flight, a passenger stepped up to land the plane which was carrying 200 people.

Flight 9W063 was half-way through its journey from Bangkok to Delhi when the senior pilot's health suddenly deteriorated.

The pilot was said to have become 'incapacitated'.

The co-pilot Samir Malhotra was then forced to declare an emergency.

Thankfully, a passenger, who also happened to be a Jet Airways pilot, stepped up.

The India-based airlines said as part of a statement: "As part of our flight training programme, the flight crew and cabin crew of Jet Airways are routinely trained to handle this as well as other possible exigencies that may develop during flight."

The Jet Airways spokesman told Mail Online: "The captain of Jet Airways flight 9W063 from Bangkok to Delhi fell sick during the latter part of the flight.

"The first officer took over as the commander and declared an emergency as per company and regulatory requirements."

The statement also said: "This is done so that the flight is accorded high priority and preparations are made for the flight's arrival on the ground. The aircraft landed safely at Delhi Airport."

Jet Airways also said that the captain was looked after by a doctor who was also travelling as a passenger on the flight.

Source: Mail Online

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