Renewed drive by Democrats to remove Trump from office

WASHINGTON: With days left in his presidency, Mr Donald Trump - permanently banned by Twitter and shunned by a growing number of Republican officials - faces a renewed drive by Democrats to remove him from office after he incited his supporters to storm the US Capitol.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted Thursday and Friday found 57 per cent of Americans want Mr Trump removed immediately from office after he incited his supporters to attack the Capitol, where Congress was in the process of certifying President-elect Joe Biden's Nov 3 win on Wednesday.

Democratic members of the House of Representatives will introduce formal articles of impeachment today, Representative Ted Lieu said on Twitter.

The California Democrat said the articles had drawn 180 co-sponsors as of Saturday afternoon.

No Republicans have yet signed on.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi s threatened to impeach Mr Trump for a historic second time unless he resigned.

Mrs Pelosi has also asked members to draft legislation aimed at invoking the US Constitution's 25th Amendment, which allows the removal of a president unable to fulfil the duties of the office.

Democrats have pressed Vice-President Mike Pence to consider the 25th Amendment, but a Pence adviser has said he opposes the idea.

Mr Trump has said he will not be at Mr Biden's inauguration but Mr Pence will attend, a senior administration official said on Saturday. - REUTERS