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Report: US plans to grant licences for firms to sell to Huawei

This article is more than 12 months old

NEW YORK The US will soon issue licences allowing some US companies to supply non-sensitive goods to China's Huawei, the New York Times said on Wednesday, as high-level officials from the two countries meet this week to resume trade talks.

Huawei Technologies has been put on a US trade blacklist since May, when trade talks between Washington and Beijing broke down.

The US says the company can spy on customers, which Huawei denies.

The blacklisting blocked Huawei from buying parts and components from US companies without US government approval, limiting its access to essential technologies such as Google Mobile Services.

US companies can seek a licence for specific products to be exempted from the ban.

The US Commerce Department has received more than 130 applications from companies for licences to sell US goods to Huawei, Reuters reported in August.

Mr Trump's administration gave the green light last week to start approving licences for a few American companies to bypass the curbs, The New York Times said, citing sources. - REUTERS