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Revellers flee as fireworks display turns into 'war zone'

This article is more than 12 months old

PORT KLANG: The New Year started with a "bang" for Mr Tusni Mohd Rahman and his family as they had to run for cover to save themselves during a botched fireworks show to usher in 2017.

The 47-year-old lorry driver said the situation at the Pandamaran Sports Complex, where the show was held, was like a war zone with fireworks zooming in the direction of his family and other revellers.

He said instead of going upwards, the fireworks were "shooting" sideways into the crowd.

He told the Star Online at his home yesterday: "It was frightening.

"All I could do was duck and scream for my family to stay low.

"Soon, I was lying face down covering my head as the fireworks kept shooting towards me.

"I could not see where my family members were because everyone was screaming and running hyste­rically."

The stray fireworks kept shooting into the crowd for about five minutes.

Mr Tusni said the situation was chaotic as some people were trampled on by others who were trying to save themselves.

He said he started looking for his family only after the fireworks stopped.

"Most of them suffered from burns caused by the fireworks," Mr Tusni said, adding that his wife Hanizah Abdul Rashid, 47, also had a cut on the left side of her head.

His niece Diana Talaha, 31, and grandniece Nor Qaseh Ahmad Tarmizi, seven, suffered burns on their thighs.

Mr Tusni said the fireworks started going awry soon after the second box was lighted.

He said: "I was filming the fireworks on my smartphone and it was all good with the first box.

"But the second one went awry almost immediately. I think the launcher may have fallen down." - THE STAR ONLINE