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Security guard stole hundreds of eggs from factory

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A security guard in China stole hundreds of eggs from the canteen of the factory he worked at.

The 47-year-old man would meticulously mark each egg with the date of the theft.

Why? So he would know when they would turn rotten, and consume them before then, reported CCTV News.




The man, whose surname is Gu, carried out hundreds of thefts over the course of a year.

And it wasn't just eggs that he took.

Gu also pilfered brooms, mops, soap, paper towels, toothbrushes, nails, pins, ointments for wounds, salt and meat.




He was caught on May 12 after police spotted him riding home late at night on his electric scooter with two large, brand-new suitcases.

Gu initially claimed he had bought them, but later confessed to stealing them from the bag factory, reported Qian Jiang Evening News.

When asked by officers if he had stolen anything else, he reportedly said: "I've lost count of how many thefts I have committed. Probably hundreds. The stolen items are all in my home."




Police officers were unable to fit the stolen goods – which included two bags of salt, three drawers of meat and three to four hundred eggs – in their car, and had to call for a second vehicle to transport the items.

Gu, who is single, said: "I had too many eggs. I marked them because I feared they would turn rotten. I would eat those that had been stolen earlier first."

As security chief at the factory, he was paid around 2000 yuan (S$430) a month.

Investigations are ongoing.

Sources: Qian Jiang Evening News, CCTV News

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