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Shoplifter's jersey leads to arrest

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The adage about dressing for the occasion applies to many situations.

It could also could be applied to shoplifting.

Paul Robert Benson, 24, was apprehended swiftly after stealing from a Tesco supermarket in Northern Ireland.

He could have got away with the crime but for one key mistake. Wearing a football jersey with his name printed on it.

Belfast Live reported that Benson, dressed in a Manchester United jersey, took £104.54 (S$218) worth of goods from the store in September last year.

Spotted by the staff, thanks to the rather conspicuous "Benson 22" on his back, he left the goods in the car park and fled.

But this was no great escape.

He had been filmed on CCTV and since the Red Devils don't actually have a player called Benson, (Nick Powell is the United 22) arresting him became a simple task for the police.

Benson has pleaded guilty to the theft of the goods.

He was sentenced to 12 months probation.

The District Judge said that while wearing that shirt Benson may as well have had a neon sign.


Sources: Lurgan Mail, Belfast Live, Metro UK


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