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South Korean influencer catches attention with reality-bending, freakish selfies

A South Korean influencer is stirring up a hornet’s nest online with her bizarre selfies that only the most gullible will believe are actually of her in the flesh.

Shasheile is seen in her photos with reality-morphing proportions: a head with a babyish, anime-looking face that is so tiny it’s the same length as her swan-like neck; fingers so long they span close to half the entire length of her arms; and a torso so short her impossibly tiny waist seems to be just an inch or two below her large bosoms that each is already the size of her head.

One photo has her drinking wine, but with the wine glass so much larger than her head.

Her Instagram page – shababy___ – has been flooded with sarcastic and saucy comments, with many wondering if the images are artificially generated.

Many have taken to calling Shasheile the “reality-bending queen”.

“She is mother universe herself, the way she warps time and space around her,” joked one of her Instagram followers.

Another said mockingly: “She is so natural and real I love her!!!”

One said in his comment he would want to see how Shasheile looks “without the filters and editing”.

Many have suggested the woman in the photos may, in fact, be AI-generated. But online sleuths insist not even models created with AI software will have body proportions as out-of-this-world as the ones she has.

Hers are photos of an actual human being that have simply been edited, filtered and warped beyond recognition, the sleuths say.

In any case, Shasheile has parlayed her online fame into a thriving online beauty business.

She now has close to 500,000 followers on Instagram, most of whom likely see through the act, yet still unable to wean themselves away from her reality-bending universe that is even more bizarre than Barbie’s world.

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