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Spain arrests five for trying to buy immigrant’s kidney

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Spanish police have arrested five people for trying to buy a kidney from an impoverished immigrant for 6,000 euros (S$9,000).

"The immigrant tried to pull out of the deal while he was undergoing clinical tests, so he was kidnapped, beaten and threatened with death to make him go ahead," said a police statement on Monday (May 18).

The person who wanted to buy the organ was the leader of a criminal gang specialised in robberies.

That person wanted it for a son suffering from kidney disease.

The arrests were made by Spanish officers who were collaborating with German and Belgium officers.

The statement did not say exactly when the arrests were made.

In March, 14 European nations including Spain signed the first ever international treaty to fight human organ trafficking, a business that generates more than a billion dollars in illegal profits worldwide every year.

The agreement makes it illegal to take organs from people living or dead without their free and full consent.

The treaty also bans making money off transplants and gives victims the right to compensation which could cover the costs of injury and medical treatment.

Source: AFP

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