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Sperm donor, who advertises services on Facebook, has fathered 10 babies

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Kenzie Kilpatrick has fathered 10 babies by nine different women.

No, he's not a playboy, but a sperm donor who advertises his services on a Facebook group.

He doesn't charge the women for his help. All he asks is for them to pay for his travel expenses and hotel stay when he goes to meet them, reported The Mirror.

The 26-year-old UK man claims he has tried to help 50 women get pregnant so far.

He reportedly told Sunday Mercury: "To know I’ve helped people who have suffered for so long, desperately wanting to have a baby, has been my biggest motivator.

"I also feel incredible knowing that I will have 10 babies out there continuing my genes.

"But I don’t feel like I need to know the babies or stay in touch with their families – I just provided the sperm. I’m not attached to them.

"It’s not the same when you’re a man as it is when you’re a woman and you carry a baby for nine months. Surrogate mums face very different emotions to what I feel."

'Low' chance of meeting half-siblings

No sex is involved – Mr Kilpatrick produces the sperm sample, which the women can inseminate through a syringe.

Because the process is not done through a licensed clinic, Mr Kilpatrick is legally recognised as the biological father.

The women's partners then have to apply to adopt the children.

One couple approached Mr Kilpatrick for help after they were told it would cost up to £18,000 (S$38,000) for private artificial insemination through a licensed clinic, reported Birmingham Mail.

Their child was born 10 weeks ago.

Said one parent: "Kenzie hasn’t donated to anyone else in Liverpool, so the chances are low that our daughter will stumble across any of her half-siblings."

'I am incredibly fertile'

Mr Kilpatrick said he has been tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

He told Birmingham Mail: "It seems that I am incredibly fertile.

"And as a man, that does give me a sense of pride."

But he plans to stop being a sperm donor in the near future.

Mr Kilpatrick​, however, said he will continue to provide samples to woman he has already helped so that their children can have siblings with the same DNA, reported Mail Online.

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