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Stranded in snow, man uses drone to send text for help

This article is more than 12 months old

OREGON – A driver used some quick thinking to help alert rescuers to his location after his car got stuck in the snow on a remote road in a forest in Oregon, U.S. 

After getting stuck, he realized he didn't have cell service. As his family was out of town, he also knew nobody would call the authorities if he didn't return home.

So he came up with a plan on how to alert rescuers. 

He attached his cellphone to a drone he had in his vehicle. He typed out a text on his phone to a friend describing what had happened and his exact location. Then he hit send on the text and launched the drone several hundred feet into the air. 

That high up, the phone was able to connect to service and send the text.

The man's friend received the text, reached out to authorities and rescue crews were able to locate the man and rescue him. 

One text, two rescues

During the rescue trip, the authorities also found and rescued another driver who had been stranded nearby in the snow for multiple days.

On its Facebook page, the Lane County Sheriff's Search and Rescue applauded the man’s efforts. 

"We are happy with the outcome of this call for service, and impressed with the creativity displayed to call for help," the sheriff's office said.