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Suspect in brutal attack of woman in Malaysia MRT lift nabbed

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KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian police have arrested a man suspected of savagely attacking a woman in a lift at the Taman Mutiara MRT station in Kuala Lumpur on Feb 14.

The suspect was shaving his head to avoid detection when police stormed his flat and arrested him.

City police chief Commissioner Mazlan Lazim said the attacker knew he was a hunted man.

He said yesterday: "He was lying low because he knew we were looking for him.

"He did not even turn on the lights in his flat, except for a few minutes when he ate or went to the toilet."

Describing the man, 26, as a hardened criminal with a serious drug addiction, Mr Mazlan said the suspect frequently resorted to violence.

"He doesn't hesitate to use violence if the victim does not cooperate. He is a member of Gang 08, and we have connected him with six cases of theft and robbery so far,"he said.

The suspect also has four prior criminal records related to drugs, fighting and robbery.

Mr Mazlan said police tracked him using surveillance footage from the supermarket he robbed shortly before the MRT attack that went viral.

"We managed to identify him and his motorcycle through the footage," he said.

The man is said to have been involved in criminal activities since 2014.

"He works as an air-con repairman. When there is no work, he resorts to crime to fuel his drug habit," Mr Mazlan said.

He said the man had tested positive for drugs. - THE STAR