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Thai man wins lottery, hands it to partner who then skips town with the loot

When a man in Thailand struck first prize in the lottery, he thought it was a dream come true – until his partner ran away with the loot. 

Media outlet Thaiger reported that Manit, 49, won 6 million baht (S$230,000) on Nov 1, which he then transferred to his partner, Angkanarat’s account. Instead of celebrating the win with family and friends, though, she cashed out and left town.

Manit filed a police report, but authorities couldn’t help him get the winnings back since they were in his partner’s account. Furthermore, they weren’t legally married because they never signed the marriage certificate.

The couple were together for 26 years and have three children. Manit had no idea his wife was seeing someone else. But one of their children later admitted to police that he knew about the affair.

Angkanarat had allegedly fled with her lover to the town of Nong Kai, about 270km from Rot Et, where the family lived. 

She returned home last Sunday (Nov 20) after learning about the police report against her. She went to the police station, where she revealed she had 3.1 million baht remaining.

Angkanarat told the Thai media that she doesn’t have any lovers, but that she fled because she was tired of Manit’s and her son’s constant complaining.

She also said she left town because she wanted to become a nun and had donated the money to several charities.


Angkanarat revealed that she wished to divide the 3.1 million baht into three  — one million for her youngest daughter, 500,000 for her middle son, and 1.6 million for Manit. 

However, Manit could only get the money on one condition– that he leave the family home within three days.

Despite having to be separated from his family, Manit told the Thai media that he was happy with the condition and plans to work in Bangkok.

He also said that he would be happy to return home in the future if his wife forgives him.