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Trump tells interviewer: I'm president and you're not

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WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump has defended making unsubstantiated claims about wiretapping and election fraud that have damaged his credibility, saying in a new interview he "predicted a lot of things".

When questioned about a litany of controversial statements - from unrest in Sweden, to Brexit, to dues owed by NATO states - Mr Trump told Time magazine in an interview published on Thursday that he often foresaw things that later were revealed to be true.

"I'm a very instinctual person, but my instinct turns out to be right," he said. "I predicted a lot of things, some things that came to you a little bit later."

Mr Trump defended his most audacious claim - rejected by Republicans and Democrats alike - that his predecessor Barack Obama ordered the tapping of his phone.Pressed on his unsubstantiated and widely-challenged claims that 3 million illegal votes were cast in the election, Mr Trump insisted his credibility was not dented.

"I guess, I can't be doing so badly, because I'm president, and you're not. You know." - AFP

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