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Two Chinese nationals get their just deserts in separate incidents

This article is more than 12 months old

MANILA: As one Chinese national entered detention for throwing pudding at a Philippine cop, another has been nabbed for allegedly sexually harassing three teenage girls at a theme park in Manila.

Zhang Yang, a 19-year-old employee of an online casino operating in the country, was charged after three 18-year-old students accused him of fondling them inside a horror house at Star City on Feb 7.

Police investigations showed that Zhang, who was with another Chinese man, had approached the teenagers and touched their private parts. The women asked for help from security guards, who took Zhang into custody.

In a shocking twist, five policemen involved in the case, including the precinct commander, were sacked from their posts after the mother of one victim claimed the lawmen tried to pressure the teenagers into settling with the suspect.

She alleged the cops even hinted they should get a cut of the money.

In a separate development, officers from the Immigration Bureau detained a Chinese art student who threw a cup of soy pudding at a police officer.

In the incident on Saturday, police officer William Cristobal stopped Zhang Jiale from going into a Metro Rail Transit station in Manila as she was holding a cup of soya pudding.

Certain liquid and gel items are banned on the subway for security reasons.

Zhang argued with the officer and in an outburst, hurled her cup of pudding at his chest.

Zhang was detained following her release from police custody on Tuesday evening.

The bureau's spokesman Dana Krizia Sandoval said Zhang was the subject of an order signed by Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente for violating immigration laws.

She added that Zhang may face deportation and eventually be blacklisted from the Philippines.

A photo of Zhang and the policeman with his soiled shirt, as well as a video of the altercation, went viral on social media.

Zhang expressed remorse over her behaviour on Monday.

"I (was) really in a bad mood, and I was not able to control my emotion... I feel so regretful," she told GMA News from jail. - PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER/ASIA NEWS NETWORK