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UN report: UK not protecting citizens from air pollution

This article is more than 12 months old

LONDON: A UN report has slammed the UK for failing to tackle the "plague" of air pollution, ahead of the body's Human Rights Council opening yesterday.

"Air pollution continues to plague the United Kingdom," read the report by United Nations expert Baskut Tuncak, to be presented at the rights council in Geneva, which runs until Sept 29.

More than 40,000 premature deaths a year are linked to air pollution, said the report, which argued that through inaction, the British government "violated its obligations" to protect children.

"The UK government continues to flout its duty to ensure adequate air quality and protect the rights to life and health of its citizens," it said.

The British government's 2015 plan was struck down for being inadequate. New proposals, including a scheme targeting diesel cars, were unveiled in May after the court ruled against the government's intention to delay.

But the UN report said the plan "does not convey the necessary urgency". - AFP