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US set to clash with Russia, China over human rights

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UNITED NATIONS:The US set up a likely showdown with Russia and China later this month over its plans to hold a UN Security Council meeting on human rights, an issue that Moscow and Beijing oppose being discussed by the 15-member body.

"It (is) not intended to single out any countries, but more just to talk about the topic and how that relates to conflict and if there are things that we can be doing going forward," US Ambassador Nikki Haley said on Monday.

The US accuses the Geneva-based Human Rights Council of being biased against Israel.

Russia's Deputy UN Ambassador Petr Iliichev said Moscow would call for a vote to block the move if Ms Haley pushes ahead with the meeting.

He said the issue of human rights does not need to be discussed by the Security Council as it is already the purview of the 193-member General Assembly and the Human Rights Council.

"(The) general statement that international peace and security are threatened by human rights violations is not true," he said. - REUTERS

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