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Video shows pastor's abduction involved 15 people

This article is more than 12 months old

PETALING JAYA: The abduction of pastor Raymond Koh Keng Joo, 62, on Feb 13 took only 40 seconds and was executed with military-like precision, according to a video that has gone viral on social media.

Footage shows the operation to abduct the Malaysian from his car involved two black four-wheel drive trucks, a black sports utility vehicle, two white sedans and two motorcycles.

An account of the incident was narrated with subtitles in the video that runs for almost three minutes but has no audio.

It claimed that at least 15 abductors were involved in the operation that was carried out in broad daylight in Kelana Jaya.

Police have reportedly been handed a copy of the video.

In it, the black vehicles surround Mr Koh's car, forcing it to stop. At least eight men exit the vehicles, some with tools, while another gets out from one of the sedans and appears to be filming the operation.

When the men reach Mr Koh's car, there is a struggle, the car jerks forward and a crash is heard, according to the narration.

This is hard to see due to the grainy footage and a tree that is blocking Mr Koh's car from the camera.

All that can be seen are men running about and the front passenger door being opened.

Seconds later, all the vehicles are driven away, including the pastor's car, with the motorcycles trailing.

Earlier, a hatchback seems to have stumbled upon the abduction from behind. It is immediately blocked by the sedans. A hooded man comes out from one sedan and appears to threaten the driver of the hatchback.

The hatchback quickly reverses, with one motorcyclist ridding towards it.

The biker makes sure the hatchback reverses a long distance before making a U-turn and returning to join the others.

Mr Koh's family said they were not familiar with the video.

They said it could be a combination of footage from several CCTVs.

"We do not know who produced it," they said. - THE STAR