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Violence breaks out in New Delhi ahead of Trump's visit

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NEW DELHI: Indian police used tear gas and smoke grenades to disperse a crowd of thousands of protesters in India's capital of New Delhi yesterday as violence broke out over a new citizenship law just ahead of US President Donald Trump's maiden visit to the city.

New Delhi has been a hotbed of protest against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and protesters have been camping out continuously in several parts of the capital for the last two months.

Hundreds of people supporting the new law clashed with those opposing it.

The two groups have been clashing since Sunday, with heavy stone pelting from both sides, according to a Reuters witness.

"We are in support of the CAA. If they want to protest, they should go somewhere else," said one man, who gave his name only as Amit.


The CAA, which eases the path for non-Muslims from neighbouring Muslim-majority nations to gain citizenship, has triggered weeks of sometimes violent protests against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government.

The law is seen by its opponents as discriminating against Muslims and has deepened concerns that Mr Modi's administration is undermining India's secular traditions.

Mr Modi's ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party denies any bias against the country's 180 million Muslims.

The latest round of violence broke out just as Mr Trump began his maiden visit to India, addressing a mega rally in Mr Modi's home state of Gujarat yesterday.

Mr Trump went on to New Delhi after viewing the Taj Mahal at sunset with his wife Melania.

In Ahmedabad, Mr Trump vowed to boost trade ties between the US and India, and said Washington was prepared to supply India with a variety of defence equipment. - REUTERS