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WATCH: Has air safety videos ever been this fun?

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This Air New Zealand safety video could probably make you feel like you have already arrived at your holiday destination - before the flight has even taken off.

The New Zealand national carrier, famous for its unique videos and promotional strategies, has released a new safety video set on several beaches known for its surf breaks all over the world.

These locations include Gold Coast, Australia, Malibu in Los Angeles, and of course New Zealand's own gorgeous beaches on the shores of Raglan and Piha.

This is one video that makes sure that you are paying attention.



With the help of professional surfers, the video demonstrates the usual safety procedures using fun methods.

The production includes big names in the surfing world including three-time world champion Mick Fanning and the current men's surfing world champion Gabriel Medina.

To show how passengers can tighten their seatbelts, surfer and model Alana Blanchard tightens the seatbelt in her car.

On the other hand, another surfer and model Anastasia Ashley demonstrate the use of oxygen masks. 

A surfboard was used to show passengers the exits of the plane.

And attractive (ahem) surfers showed passengers how to inflate their life jackets.


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