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Where to eat stolen durian - in shop toilet

Strange alien beings have at times linked the smell of durians to the toilet.

And it would appear that this woman in China does not mind.

Her craving for the spiky fruit must have been stronger than her scruples, or her hygiene.

She picked up a packet of durian in a supermarket in Jieyang, a city in Guangdong province, walked into a toilet, and apparently ate it there.

In just three minutes.

According to a report on China’s Sohu website, it happened on Tuesday (July 26).

The woman was seen on CCTV footage later, coming out covering her mouth, as if wary of having stinky breath.

She then searches through her pockets for something that appears to be missing.

The remnants of her feast were found in the toilet, along with a 10 yuan note (S$2.05).

Did she leave it there inadvertently, and was she then searching for it in her pockets, before deciding not to revisit the scene of the crime?

And crime it is, though what do you call it - shoplifting? But she walked out neither with the packet nor without leaving any money.

Still, the durian was priced at 100 yuan, 10 times what she left.

Maybe it was meant to be a protest against how much the fruit cost.

The supermarket reportedly decided not to go to the police.