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Why did woman down $280 cognac just before flying?

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You have probably heard of the phrase: Wasting food is a sin.

One Chinese woman took this to the extreme after she was told by airport security that not more than 100ml of liquid was allowed on her domestic flight from Beijing to Wenzhou.

She had a USD$200 (S$280) 700ml bottle of cognac in her possession.

BBC News reported that when this happened at the Beijing International Airport last Friday (Aug 21), Ms Zhao, who is in her 40s, then took things into her own hands.

She downed the entire bottle of alcohol.

What happened next, she probably didn't expect.

According to The Guardian, Ms Zhao became drunk, violently drunk in fact.

“She was rolling on the ground, shouting (at the boarding gate),” a police officer told the Beijing Times.

As a result, she was refused access to her flight.

TIME reported that Ms Zhao, who couldn't stand up at that time, was then taken in a wheelchair to the airport lounge where medical staff checked on her.

She fell asleep and only woke up seven hours later to find that her family members were there to escort her home.

A grateful Ms Zhao thanked the airport staff for helping her.

According to The Shanghaiist, this is not the first time that this has happened.

In June, two men who were told that they couldn't take their large bottle of aphrodisiac wine through the security check at a Guangzhou airport.

They both finished the bottle as they said that they didn't want to waste it and they could "drink like a fish".

Source: BBC News, The Guardian, TIME, The Shanghaiist 

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