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Wife of abducted pastor: Stop spreading rumours about pastors whereabouts

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PETALING JAYA Ms Susanna Liew, the wife of abducted pastor Raymond Koh, has appealed to Malaysians to stop spreading false news about the whereabouts of her husband.

"As this is an active investigation, I ask for the public to please give the police space to conduct their work, without undue speculation or unverified allegations," Ms Liew said, in a statement released by the family yesterday.

"Instead, I would like to ask you to include in your prayers, an appeal for God's help and guidance for our police in carrying out their investigations, so that truth and justice will prevail quickly," she said.

The rumour mill has been working overtime with some saying that Mr Koh was murdered and his body had been found. The Star Online reported that the commanding officer of the Petaling Jaya police district, Mohd Zani Che Din, had dispelled the rumours.

On Tuesday, Selangor criminal investigation department chief Fadzil Ahmat had to once again deny the rumours being spread on WhatsApp.

Ms Liew said she and her son Jonathan Koh had privately met Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Joseph Kurup, who expressed his deep concern and sympathy for the family.

She said they also met the task force at the Petaling Jaya police headquarters on Monday and were briefed on the investigations.

"I left this meeting feeling more reassured that the police are doing their best to find my husband, even if there are no significant leads yet.

"I am assured that the police regard this as a priority case, and have dedicated many officers to work with the task force," she said.

Ms Liew thanked everyone for their support over the last three weeks since her husband's abduction. She said the candlelight vigils that were held on March 5 helped to raise the family's spirit and strength.

"In this difficult time, I find solace in the solidarity and support Malaysians have given us as a family," she said.

Mr Koh, 62, was abducted on Feb 13 by a group of masked men in Petaling Jaya.

Leaked CCTV footage showed that the abduction took only 40 seconds and was executed with military-like precision.

The family has raised RM100,000 for information on Mr Koh's whereabouts.