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Woman in China 'cages' son under food cart while she sells ice jelly

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A dessert seller in Guizhou, China, has drawn attention recently for keeping her two-year-old son in a metal cage under a food cart.

Wanxiang Media reported that the woman did this in order to make it convenient for her to work and to prevent the child from running off.

From the front, the bottom of the cart is concealed by a sign that advertises her sale of homemade ice jelly ("bingfen").

The uncovered sides and back of the cart, however, reveal a child confined within a metal "cage" under the food preparation counter.

The base of the "cage" is lined with some fabric as cushion for the boy, and there appears to be some toys in the cage.

In an interview, the woman said she doesn't have money to buy milk powder and her family’s three meals are not guaranteed each day.

She explained that the boy's father is "the sort who doesn't care and only plays video games all day".

In response to her questionable actions in keeping her child caged, the woman acknowledged that her child's life is tough, but added that she does allow him to come out and play when there are no customers.

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