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Woman marries man she mistakenly 'friends' on Facebook

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A lucky mistake brought them together and now, they are happily married.

Ms Patsy Sutton, 60, from Georgia in the United States, had recently submitted her love story for the Facebook stories page detailing how she met her husband John Neeley, 61.

Facebook has designated a page asking its users to share stories related to the social networking site.

If users have made a meaningful connection on Facebook, have used it to make a difference, or had something special happen to them because of Facebook, they can submit their stories via this page.

If their stories are compelling, the Facebook team will contact them about featuring them on the page.

A few years ago, while arranging for a high school reunion, Ms Sutton had messaged Mr Neeley on Facebook, thinking that he was her former classmate.

'Like' is in the air: Facebook mix-up led to this couple's happily ever-after. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/ PATSY SUTTON NEELEY

It turned out that he had the same name as her former classmate. They attended different high schools bearing the same name.

Despite the mix-up, both of them continued messaging each other.

Soon, the friendship blossomed into love.

Mirror UK reported that Ms Sutton, who was previously married twice, exchanged numbers with Mr Neeley after a few weeks of chatting with him online.

The phone calls between the pair became a daily affair and they sometimes stayed up talking till the early hours of the morning.

Said Ms Sutton:

"John was always such a gentlemen.

"He'd like and comment on my posts and tell me I was beautiful.

"We began to talk more and more. My grandson even told me to ask John on a date as he noticed that we were always messaging.

"I wasn't nervous at all the first time I spoke to him, we'd become such good friends that we could talk about anything."

According to the Daily Mail, when the lovebirds met for the first time in 2010, they couldn't stop hugging and kissing.

Ms Sutton said: "People were walking and driving by but we just stood there and looked at each other for what seemed like hours."

Mr Neeley stayed for two days, during which Ms Sutton showed him around town and he met with her family.

He proposed during Christmas, they got married late last year and she moved to his town to be with him.

The couple now live together with 12 dogs.

Ms Sutton said that she was floored by Mr Neely's romantic proposal.

She added:

"John bought my daughter a dog named Jaz and he gave me a fish named Mongo.

"The real surprise, though, was when he asked me to marry him! I was floored! I said yes.

"Every day, I think, this is where I belong."

The couple have made a life together, with pecan trees and "plenty of space for us and our dogs".

She said: "I love our life here. He is the man of my dreams that I prayed for - and I owe it all to an accidental Facebook add."

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