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Woman in M'sia cautions others after claiming nanny broke her newborn's leg

A woman in Malaysia warned netizens online to “be careful” while looking for a nanny, after she alleged that the one she employed broke her three-month old’s right leg. 

Sharing about the incident in a Facebook post, the woman, who goes by Evelyn Tay, said she hired a nanny, whom she does not name, on Feb 15, after referring to the same Facebook page to inquire about babysitters around Bukit Indah, a neighbourhood near Johor Bahru. 

But two weeks into the job, on Feb 27, Tay said she noticed her son “looked really tired” while fetching him home from the nanny's house in the evening. 

She added that her son cried continuously despite being fed, and only slept when he was hugged the entire night. 

The next morning, her husband noticed something odd while dressing their son.

“Whenever we touched his right leg, he would retract it and start crying. He didn't like moving his right leg either,” she said. 

At first, they did not suspect anything major, but told the nanny to watch her son’s right leg. 

When asked for updates, the nanny told her “everything was normal”. 

But when Tay fetched her son home that evening, she said his “right leg had become extremely swollen,” and that it “started to feel hot”. 

After an X-ray at a hospital, the doctor urged her to make a police report, saying it was “obvious (the injury) was caused by someone”. 

crocodile tears

The couple later returned to the nanny's house to collect their son's items – and to confront her over what happened.

"She became a completely different person when we visited her home, totally unlike the first day we met," Tay recalled.

"She was shedding crocodile tears and spouting (rubbish), acting like she had taken care of my child for a few years when it was just two weeks.

"What's even more ridiculous is that before we left, she forced $50 on us... my son got hospitalised and had to receive X-ray scans and bandage shots – those cost way more than that," she wrote in the post.

"Besides, when he grows up and more complications arise, how are you going to compensate for that?

“How can anyone do this to a baby? What did you even do to break his leg?”


Tay said her son is recovering but still wakes up crying sometimes. 

She said she found out later on that the nanny is "infamous" for having a lot of "cases", and that she regularly changes her name when finding another baby to care for.

The nanny, it seems, maintains her innocence in the matter. In a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation between her and Tay, she says: "In the morning when you sent your son to me, he wasn't even swollen, and when I showered with him I didn't even press on his leg.

"If you had already noticed something amiss with his leg on the morning of Feb 28, why didn't you go to the doctor?"

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