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Woman in Taiwan kills motorcyclist after her flip-flop gets caught under accelerator

A driver in Taiwan crashed into a group of motorcyclists after the flip-flops she was wearing came loose and accidentally “floored” the accelerator, killing one rider as a result. 

The 66-year-old motorcyclist died after getting trapped between the car and a signal control box. 

Six others suffered injuries.

According to Taiwan news site ETtoday, a woman surnamed Zeng, 67, was driving to work on Saturday (Nov 4) when she lost control of her car at a traffic junction in Kaohsiung.

Zeng’s vehicle crashed into seven motorcycles at a red light, and another one by the side of the road.

Footage obtained by ETtoday showed her white sedan bulldozing through the motorcyclists before crashing into a lamppost.

The police later determined “improper use of the accelerator” as the likely cause of the accident. They suspected that Zeng’s flip-flops had come loose before the accident, causing her to accidentally floor the accelerator.

A subsequent breathalyser test ruled out the presence of alcohol in her bloodstream. Police also found that Zeng wasn’t using her phone at the time of the accident.

She was arrested on the spot for negligence causing death. 

Wearing slippers or flip-flops while driving is often discouraged as they may get caught under the pedals. Instead, drivers should wear shoes that allow them to properly rest their heel on the floor while having the ball of their feet on the pedals.

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