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Would-be rapist foiled by his pungent body odour

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A youth in China tried to rape a woman, but was thwarted by his own body odour.

The 18-year-old learnt the victim's routine and broke into her dorm room while she was at work.

He then hid under her bed to await her return.

When the 20-year-old woman arrived home at 1pm on April 12, she detected a pungent smell – the teen's body odour – in the room.

But she was too exhausted to investigate the cause of the smell and immediately went to bed.

Too smelly to ignore

The smell, however, proved impossible to ignore. She got out of bed to open a window, only to discover the teenager under her bed.

The attacker quickly got out from his hiding spot and tried to force himself on her, reported Shangahiist.com. But the victim fought back and screamed for help.

The woman's neighbours came to her rescue. They rushed in, restrained the man and called the police.

Want China Times reported that he has been arrested for sexual assault.

Sources: Shanghaiist.com, Want China Times

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