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Young woman charged with choking and cutting up lover while high on drugs

A 47-year-old woman in the US was woken by the sound of a door slamming in the early hours of Feb 23.

She then heard a vehicle driving away.

She got up, and seeing a light in the basement, where she knew her 24-year-old son had been spending time with a woman, went down to check.

There was no one there, but near the stairs she found a plastic bucket covered with a towel.

She lifted the towel and found her son’s head in the bucket.

Police were called some time after 3am that day and they arrested the woman the young man had been with.

Taylor Schabusiness, also 24, told them she and the young man had taken drugs together and while high, she had choked him and then dismembered the body.

The accused, in a photo from social media.TAYLOR SCHABUSINESS / FACEBOOK

Schabusiness, reportedly a married woman with a child, appeared in court in the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin, on Tuesday (March 1) and was charged with murder, mutilating a corpse and sexual assault.

She allegedly committed sexual acts on the body after the killing.

When police found her, she had blood on her clothes, scratches on her arms and a cut on her left thumb.

She had used knives from the kitchen to cut up the body, finding a bread knife with a serrated edge the most effective.

She had apparently intended to take all the body parts with her, but then either forgot or got “too lazy” and left the head and the penis in the bucket.

She reportedly told the officers that they would “have fun” trying to find all the body parts.

She appeared emotionless in court, facing the prospect of life in prison.

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