Xiaxue obtains court order against SMRT Ltd (Feedback)

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Blogger Wendy Cheng, popularly known as Xiaxue, has applied for - and been granted - a court order against satirical Facebook page SMRT Ltd (Feedback).

She invoked the Protection from Harassment Act that came into force last year and posted a picture of the official documents, dated Feb 5, on her blog today.

Ms Cheng had sought legal action to prohibit the page administrators from publishing any form of communication deemed insulting or abusive against herself, her husband and their child.

Saying her family had been the subject of repeated insults and harassment since 2012, she outlined how she had received death threats and privacy violations (her address was revealed online).

Her lawyers served SMRT Ltd (Feedback) the originating summons via e-mail and a Facebook private message on Jan 29.

The court order was given on Feb 5 - after the page administrators did not attend the scheduled hearing.

Previous exchanges

Xiaxue's run-in with SMRT Ltd (Feedback) has been well documented.

In December 2014, she published a blogpost which claimed that bloggers from social media marketing company Gushcloud inflated their numbers to attract advertisers.

That sparked an exchange between herself and Gushcloud - with supporters dividing themselves into different camps such as #faithinxiaxue and #faithingushcloud.

SMRT Ltd (Feedback) came into the picture when they made several posts claiming how Xiaxue herself was inflating her own numbers.

As an outcome of Xiaxue's action against SMRT Ltd (Feedback), the controversial page, whose creators has so far remained anonymous, claimed in a Facebook post on Friday that they have been ordered by the court to reveal their identity.

Here is the response from SMRT Ltd (Feedback) soon after Xiaxue's post about the court order.

Later in the night, it posted this update which stated its intention of "bringing the law to you (Xiaxue)".

As SMRT Ltd (Feedback) says, stay tuned. This war of words doesn't seem to be over just yet.

Photo: Facebook screengrab/SMRT Ltd (Feedback)

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