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Game over for Hamilton and Scherzinger

Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton's on/off relationship with singer Nicole Scherzinger has ended.

It was reported in several UK newspapers on Wednesday that the American dumped Briton Hamilton after seven years together.

The pressures of a long-distance relationship and the 30-year-old race driver's refusal to marry the 36-year-old Scherzinger are speculated as reasons for the split.

The singer told The Sun on Wednesday: "I'm devastated that it didn't work out. It was the hardest decision we had to make, but we made it together."

Mutual decision

The Daily Mail quoted a source close to the singer: "It was a mutual decision. The long distance kept them apart for long periods of time. 

"They both spent most of their time alone because they were in different countries all the time. Nicole is heartbroken and devastated."

Hamilton lives in Monaco while Scherzinger is based in Los Angeles.

Just last week, Scherzinger hinted of the break-up in the Daily Telegraph: "I have made sacrifices. I've left LA, left all my friends and my family. It's sacrificing your time in relationships, with loved ones..."

Source: The Sun, Daily Telegraph

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