US Masters champion Jordan Spieth's inspiration? His autistic sister

Winning is good.

But being able to tell your biggest fan about the win is the icing on the cake.

Masters champion Jordan Spieth, 21, told CNN after he won at the prestigious event that he missed his sister, Ellie, a lot and wished that she could have been there at Augusta to watch his victory.

Ellie,14, who is autistic, is the light of his life and helps the young champion keep things in perspective.

She was born with a neurological disorder that left her with a mental age of five. While Spieth dotes on his sister, she is not always able to watch his tournaments in person.

As Spieth won the green blazer in Georgia, Ellie had to make do watching on TV at home in Texas. 



Sad to be missing Ellie's annual Babe's Chicken birthday dinner tonight. Happy 14th Ellie! #chickendance

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On Sunday (April 12), the golfer had equalled Tiger Wood's impressive 1997 winning score of 18 under par.  

He was quick to state just how large a part she played in his life.

Said Spieth:

"How has she (Ellie) shaped my upbringing? Well, she's the most special part of our family. She's the funniest part of our family.

"I love having her around. She's an incredible sister, my biggest supporter.

She is somebody who you can watch and then reflect on the big picture of life and understand that all these frustrations in a day, or in a round of golf, are really secondary.

"We wouldn't have that realisation without her."

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It was due to Ellie that Spieth was moved to create the Jordan Spieth Charitable Fund to raise money for special needs youth, military families and junior golf.

Spieth's mum Chris told ESPN:

"Jordan wouldn't be where he's at today if he didn't grow up with Ellie.

"Jordan realises this isn't real life at the Masters. 

"Trying to sit around and have dinner when his sister doesn't want to eat when everybody else is eating and has a fit, that's real life."

The Telegraph reported that Spieth is looking forward to giving his sister a present from the golf tournament.

Said Spieth: "She’s probably just going to ask me to bring a present back.

 “She’s going to be happy that I won. She was out in Houston, where I was playing the week before, and after each round, she asked, ‘Jordan, did you win?’ And I had to say, ‘Not yet, no.’ But I can tell her I won now.”

WATCH: Jordan Spieth introduce his sister at a charity golf event




Hangin out with the true athlete of the family #Ellie #diva

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