HK Sevens debuts... Kung Fu rugby?!

You’ve heard of Shaolin Soccer.

Or Eric Cantona's notorious kung fu kick

But what about Kung Fu rugby?

Fans at the Hong Kong Sevens got a sneak peek at what a rugby-kung fu hybrid would look like.

With the help of beer-sponsor Carlsberg, the Hong Kong Rugby Football Union assembled a group of martial artists and sent them to undergo a secret training camp in China.

The result is a combination of back-flips and somersaults on a rugby field.

Frankly, it is more balletic and acrobatic than a full-on Jet Li-style display of martial arts.

But then it's no less entertaining for it, and rugby is brutal enough without introducing more ways to disable the opposition.

See it for yourself.

Sources: The Sport Bible, Hong Kong Sevens

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