WATCH: Baseball bat flies from player's hands, hits fan in face

An unlucky fan got batted out by a stray baseball bat while watching the Chicago Cubs beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-0 at Wrigley Field.

Cubs rookie Addison Russell — who was making his debut for the club — lost control of his bat while trying to connect with a fastball in the seventh inning.

The bat hurtled into the stands and struck a fan in the face.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the supporter suffered "wounds" but was conscious and able to communicate after he was hit.

He was given first aid, then transported on an ambulance to a nearby hospital.

Russell said the bat "just slipped", adding that he felt really bad about the incident.

He told Major League Baseball’s website: "I saw it connect with his face.

"I saw the dude’s glasses fly, and it just wasn’t pretty. I feel really bad.

"Words can’t describe how bad I feel."

The 21-year-old added that he is willing to give the injured fan a signed bat, if he is over the trauma of being batted out.

Source: Mail Online

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