Not getting vaccinated will cause Kyrie Irving to lose part of salary

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving stands to lose US$381,000 (S$517,000) for every game missed due to being unvaccinated, reported ESPN.

According to the report, the NBA and National Basketball Players Association have agreed to cut 1/91.6th of a player's salary for each game missed due to vaccine regulations in New York City and San Francisco.

Irving has remained steadfast that he will not get inoculated against the coronavirus.

If he continues to hold out, he would miss the Nets' 41 home games, as long as the regulations remain in place. That would equate to more than US$15.5 million (S$21m) lost for Irving, who's under contract for US$34.9m for the new season, which starts on Oct 19.

Meanwhile, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry said he is pleased that teammate Andrew Wiggins changed his mind and got inoculated.

Unvaccinated players will have to comply with a long list of restrictions to play this season and the NBA previously denied Wiggins' request for a religious exemption. - REUTERS