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3 crazy celebrations after the last round of Euro 2016 qualifiers

When footballers win a game, they celebrate.

It’s human nature and no one will take that away from them.

When they qualify for a major tournament like Euro 2016, the joy consumes them, so much so that they break into a dance. And that’s when the problems start.

Because if they are going to show the whole world their moves, then they better be at least quite good at it.

If not, they end up like Poland’s Artur Jedrzejczyk, who in the dressing room, did a breakdance routine so awful that it was comical.

But he had company, in the form of Wales’ Joe Ledley, who executed a jaw-dropping half-squat number on the field that he probably now wishes he had never done it at all.

Hats off then, to the Republic of Ireland’s fans who showed the two how to express their emotions in better taste.

Shane Long had kept Ireland in the hunt for an automatic qualifying spot with the winner in their penultimate group match against Germany on Oct 8, and the supporters wanted to show their appreciation.

The tribute came in the form of a huge Ireland flag with Lionel Richie’s face on it, and the words “All Night” juxtaposed next to Long’s photo.

For those too young to know, it’s a pun on Richie’s hit “All Night Long”.

Sorry we can’t resist this, but the man who made famous “Dancing on the Ceiling” can truly show Jedrzejczyk or Ledley a decent move or two.

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