Dutch team pokes fun at THAT Real Madrid dressing room photo

You may have never heard of modest Almere City but they are winning over the fans rapidly.

The little-known team from the Eerste Divisie (Holland’s second division) may be mid-table material but they are certainly making waves — on social media.

Remember THAT group photo of Real Madrid’s players in the dressing room right after they beat Barcelona 2-1 at the Nou Camp earlier this month?

If you can’t quite recall it, then here’s a clue: It has Cristiano Ronaldo, amid his clothed teammates, flexing his muscles in his white underwear.

Here it is in all its glory:



Well, Almere City are not about to be outdone, so they posted a group photo of themselves celebrating who-knows-what.



They even had someone imitating Ronaldo, although the six-pack has been replaced by a beer barrel.