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Ed Woodward dismisses European Premier League reports

Manchester United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward yesterday dismissed reports that the club were part of a plot to form a breakaway European Premier League, saying they were focused on official talks with Uefa over the Champions League's future.

A report from Sky News on Tuesday said United, Liverpool and other top European clubs were working on a project to create a breakaway European league.

"I saw the reports on that and candidly don't know where that story came from, there isn't really anything for us to say," Woodward told investors.

He said that the club was, as a member of the European Club Association (ECA), engaged in the formal talks with Uefa over potential changes to the Champions League from 2024, with the possibility of it increasing to 36 teams.

Last week, United and Liverpool's proposals for changes to the structure and revenue distribution in English football were rejected by other English Premier League clubs.

But Woodward said the club would play a leading role in the strategic review announced by the EPL and talks about financial aid for lower-tier clubs.

Among its priority now is to allow fans to return to its Old Trafford stadium safely after the Covid-19 crisis caused an annual net loss of £23.2 million (S$41.3m). - REUTERS