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EPL stars will 'do their part' with regards to pay cut

The head of the union representing English Premier League players said they have "agreed to play their part" during the coronavirus pandemic, as pressure mounts to find a collective pay deal.

England's top-flight stars have come under fire over their lack of action, which contrasts sharply with significant pay cuts taken by players at other leading European clubs such as Barcelona and Juventus.

The EPL has urged players to accept wage cuts of 30 per cent, but talks have hit a stumbling block, with the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) warning that Britain's National Health Service (NHS) could lose tax receipts as a result of players taking pay cuts.

Fifa has urged players and clubs to reach agreement over wage reductions and players are reportedly set to start negotiations on a club-by-club basis.

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock was among senior politicians calling for players to take a cut and "play their part", a call that sparked off angry reactions from players.

PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor told BBC radio yesterday: "The fact is the players feel quite aggrieved that the Secretary of State for Health should put them in a corner without looking...

"They make massive contributions to the Treasury and they've also quite logically felt that if they don't get that money, if a third is deferred or a third is cut, then the Treasury is £200 million (S$350m) a year worse off and that could be going towards the (NHS) and will be needed." - AFP