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Ex-Gunner takes one year to reply to One Direction

Jens Lehmann was a great goalkeeper. He made many great saves.

But he may not be able to save himself from a red face over his year-late response.

On Saturday (Apr 25), the former Arsenal 'keeper responded to a tweet request from One Direction’s Niall Horan.

The boyband member invited the German via Twitter to play in a charity game in England on May 13.

That would be May 13, 2014.

Yes, it took Lehmann 11 months to respond to the diminutive warbler.

It's not known why Lehmann took so long.

Okay, he only became a regular tweeter last September. Before Sept 26, he last tweet was Feb 18 (an enigmatic shout of "TWITTER!!!.")

It could also be that because Lehmann is not a teenage girl, he has no clue who Horan is.

That could explain Lehmann's hilariously blunt reply: "what for?"



The lesson for Horan is that next time, get your people to call his people.

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