German FA chief Fritz Keller calls for Bundesliga salary cap

Football must learn long-term lessons from the Covid-19 crisis, with better financial controls and player salary caps, to keep fans on board, German Football Association (DFB) president Fritz Keller said.

Germany's Bundesliga was suspended for more than two months in response to the coronavirus pandemic before becoming the first major football league to resume action on May 16.

"We have to learn from our mistakes, because the crisis is an opportunity to restructure football," Keller said in a virtual address to the DFB's extraordinary meeting yesterday.

"We need to bring professional football to the people, to their everyday world. So we need an improved financial control system and, yes, a salary cap," he added.

Some German clubs were close to financial collapse after the first month of suspension, the league had warned as it pushed for a restart, which has been criticised by some as too early.

Germany has reported more than 180,000 positive Covid-19 cases while the death toll is about 8,300. - REUTERS