Goalkeeper plays dead, but still cannot escape red card

Footballers are a creative lot.

They know that feigning injuries immediately after committing a red-card offence can earn them some sympathy from the referee and possibly escape a sending-off.

But Ecuadorian goalkeeper Maximo Banguera took it to a whole new level during a Copa Libertadores group match between Barcelona SC and Atletico Nacional.

The Barcelona goalkeeper didn’t clutch his knee and start waving frantically at his bench. 

He simply played dead.

Yes, dead, lying motionless on the turf the instant he hit the ground after taking down his opponent about 15 metres outside the penalty box.

Red card

Or maybe he simply fell asleep suddenly.

Whatever it was, the referee patiently waited for him to “regain consciousness”, before showing him the red card.

Within minutes, Atletico grabbed the winning goal.

Talk about poetic justice.



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