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Guardiola rips trousers in rip-roaring win

You know Pep Guardiola got really excited during his team’s 6-1 demolition of Porto in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals.

Well, so excited he tore his trousers.

BBC Sport even posted a photo of the Bayern Munich coach in his ripped trousers on Twitter, which drew some funny responses.



One wrote “Tiny boxers” while another said: “But his team Bayern have ripped Porto apart tonight!”

Asked about his ripped trousers, Guardiola said: “Ah, they broke. It’s not so bad, I’ll just put on a new pair for the next game.”

He later added that his partly exposed leg was “hot and certainly not cold” during the game.

Bayern forward Thomas Mueller tried to offer an explanation too, although he pinned the blame on the Italians.

He said: “Italian tailors make trousers really tight, that’s probably why Pep’s broke!”

Watch the video here

Source: BBC


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