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Help Felipe Melo fight off zombie apocalypse in his new app

Defensive midfielder Felipe Melo is not known for his flair but for his combative display in the middle of the park.

Now, the 31-year-old Brazilian destroyer is moving away from the confines of the pitch.

The Galatasaray star has created his own app, in which he needs your help to annihilate zombies.

He really needs your help, bro. PHOTO: GOOGLE PLAY

According to the game’s description, “the world of football has been subjected to a zombie apocalypse and the world leaders decided to call the general Felipe Melo to kill them all”.

To be honest, it kind of looks like a rip-off of Plants vs Zombies. PHOTO: GOOGLE PLAY

Melo — who was sent off in the 2010 World Cup quarter-final against Holland after his violent stamp caught Arjen Robben — will tackle zombies by firing footballs and training cones at the mangled creatures.

Successful killing of these zombies will be rewarded with special Melo celebrations, including “the pitbull”.

Because everyone wants to get down on all fours to celebrate fighting off the zombie apocalypse instead of getting a useful item to, you know, actually fight the zombie apocalypse. PHOTO: GOOGLE PLAY

If you are a football fanatic, who is into zombies and killing, then this app is for you for just £0.85 ($1.79) on Google Play.

Source: Metro