If only Balotelli could hit the back of the net as he does water bottles...

Mario Balotelli can’t seem to hit the back of the net but he can sure hit the bottle.

The maverick Italian striker took to social media to show that he hasn’t loss any of his shooting accuracy despite a poor run in front of goal which has seen him score just twice for Liverpool this season.

During an indoor training session, the 24-year-old effortless knocks off a water bottle with a precision shot and proceeds to have a little celebration.


Lol crazy easy.

A video posted by Mario Balotelli (@mb459) on Feb 3, 2015 at 9:46am PST

The former Manchester City man posted the message “lol crazy easy” along with the video on Instagram.

Now, if only Balotelli could show the same accuracy in front of goal.

Source: Instagram via Mail Online

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