Joey Barton's sarcastic tweets about new club dug up

Yet another chapter in the ongoing saga of 'Be-careful-what-you-Tweet'.

Yes, Joey Barton has upset people, again.

The controversial footballer will have to work extra hard to win over the fans after signing a one-year deal with Championship side Burnley.

His sarcastic remarks about the club last year were highlighted by some users on social media. 

When the deal was announced on Thursday (Aug 27), Barton, 32, said on Twitter (@joey7barton):

“Delighted to have signed for @BurnleyOfficial A football environment I cannot wait to be a part."



This was followed by:

“Looking forward to getting amongst it again. Tremendous group of people at the club with ambition to be back in the PL. Can’t wait.”




All very positive.

Burnley were relegated with Barton’s old club Queens Park Rangers from the Premier League last season.

Incidentally, Burnley manager Sean Dyche told the club’s website: “He (Barton) was very respectful when speaking about our club at the end of last season and during the summer.”

Well, UK website didn’t think so, when it uploaded screenshots of Barton’s various tweets on the evening of May 4 last year, which included:

"Shouldn’t really have an open top bus for a 2nd place finish really. Champions or a Cup win "

(In reference to Burnley’s celebration for earning promotion from the Championship)



Senseing blood, Barton went on a bit of a roll.

Breaking news: Apologies to Burnley. Just heard all fans are en route as we speak to see the open top bus...  

(With a photo of a row of farm tractors on a highway, in reference to Burnely’s heritage as a mill town)




Barton also made references to how the people of Buurnley look...




And then there were a few reply's to people who took offence.




Let's see how this one turns out.
Given how outspoken Barton generally is, it's doubtful he will apologise or cower over these past Tweets. 

We should mean that he'll be quickly back to offending someone soon.

We'll have to see if 13 is unlucky for Barton at Burnley



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