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Kevin de Bruyne: 85 points may be enough to win EPL title

After amassing the two highest English top-flight points totals in the past two seasons, Manchester City star Kevin de Bruyne is not expecting another record-breaking campaign.

Back-to-back English Premier League champions City racked up 100 and 98 points in the last two terms, but their Belgian midfielder believes 85 could be enough to win the title in the coming season.

Ahead of Sunday's Community Shield against Champions League winners Liverpool, the 28-year-old said: "We don't need to beat the last two seasons - maybe we can win this season with 85 points.

"It is not about improving, it is about staying consistent, trying to be there every game, trying to win every game.

"It is not always about doing better, because how can you do better sometimes?

"To win every year what we won (in) the last two years is going to be pretty difficult, but it is good to be there."

With Vincent Kompany's departure to Anderlecht, de Bruyne and David Silva are seen as favourites to assume the captain's armband.

But, with Raheem Sterling's increasing profile as an outspoken figure on and off the pitch, some have suggested that he could take over as skipper.

But Sterling is not pushing for the job, saying: "It's not something that I'm fussed about, really. It has to be natural, you can't force it. I'm not going to start shouting on the pitch now Vinny's gone. Your teammates have to see you in that light.

"The manager and us as players will make the right choice. We've got a lot of good candidates here.

"David has been here for God knows how long - he's been in the country longer than I have!

"There is Kevin, (Fernan)dinho, we have a lot of players who can fill it."

City manager Pep Guardiola has said he will allow the players to decide the new captain.