Ouch! Empoli defender wins free-kick - by kicking the ball into his face

There are overhead kicks that go down as great goals, acrobatic goal-line clearances, or are simply remembered for the sheer audacity.

Then there are overhead kicks that hit you in your own face.

And when it’s caught on camera and replayed over and over again, it just looks worse every time.



Empoli’s Mario Rui was only trying to instinctively flick the ball into the AC Milan penalty box in the hope of conjuring a late winner in last Sunday’s match. All he managed to do was catch the ball right smack in the face.

The only thing audacious about the whole incident was Rui looking at the referee, appearing to signal that there had been an infringement by an opponent.

Incredulously, he got a free-kick.

Source: Vine via 101 Great Goals

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